Thriving Artists envisions a society that values the right of its artists to make viable the career of their choice.  Forever eliminating the commonly accepted notion of the 'starving artist'. 



Thriving Artists uses coffee and theatre to translate strangers into neighbors. We present works of theatre that have never been translated into English before and we present them in mainstream theatre venues as well as in the communities represented in our plays.



Theatre is not possible without a sense of family that includes performers, producers, designers, donors, sponsors, audience and all other community members.  We believe this is achieved through generous collaboration, compassion, genuine appreciation, inclusivity and honest communication.


Artistic Exploration and Risk Taking

Thriving Artists believes that artists cannot thrive without the opportunity to take risks, fail and start all over again.


Financial Stability

Thriving Artists makes paying artists a priority in its productions, devoting extended time to fundraising if necessary to ensure this goal is achieved.



We value open dialogue, truthfulness on the stage and transparency in our decision-making.


Artistry & Administration

We believe that artistry is simply not possible without organized, effective and thorough administration and we value both equally. We encourage artists to take leadership roles and educate our community on the value of these two aspects.



We believe in producing work that will dialogue directly with our community and respond to their needs. 



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